we skipped the interview questions:
who is the boy that makes you stare
out the window when that song plays?
why do you sit up in the middle of the night breathing deep?
why do you flinch when I slip back in bed after I get a cup of water?
why won’t you write in front of me?
how many men have kissed your neck?
do you think I’m someone you could love?

he told me that I cry in my sleep
but he wipes the tears until they stop falling.
I said, “I cry when I laugh,
I’m just dreaming of stand up comedy
and strawberry cake.”

he said I reminded him of his favorite memory as a child:
running towards home through a field,
sunburn on his shoulders,
an empty water bottle in hand,
stopping half way to catch his breath.

the last night I fell asleep by his side,
I’ll never forget him looking into my eyes
and whispering,
“I finally made it through the field,
I think I’m almost home.

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I nitko ne zna zašto je nesretan onaj drugi
i kako su sve tuge slične i svi zanosi isti.

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